March 06, 2019
Pixi Beauty: A Review

I have seen lots of good reviews about Pixi Beauty products on Instagram and from several of my favorite YouTuber’s videos. Lately I finally found this brand from our local drugstore chain, and I was so excited and decided to grab a few products to try. The packaging looks all so beautiful and from price-wise, I think they are within the very reasonable range also. Here are some thoughts about the products I’ve been trying so far:

Hydrating Milky Serum

This Hydrating Milky Serum is definitely my most favorite product right now. It is extremely hydrating and very light weight. I love this milky but non-greasy texture and consistency of it. It absorbs within seconds and feels so good for my oily/combination skin. This serum contains rose hip oil and vitamin C which help moisturize the skin and leaves the skin super soft after. It is very soothing and makes my skin feels glowy and refreshed. The smell of the serum is also just wonderful! I keep this product in my everyday skincare routine now and nearly emptied the whole bottle. This is a keeper and definitely will re-purchase without a doubt!

Pixi skintreats Hydrating Milky Serum - $24
Pixi skintreats Hydrating Milky Serum – $24
Rose Flash Balm

I have mixed feelings about this Rose Flash Balm. It took my attention because it sounds like a pretty unique multi-use product. On the packaging, it says it’s a 3-in-1 formula, can be used as a makeup primer, a moisturizing balm that boosts radiance, or a revitalizing mask. The texture of the product is definitely not on the heavy side, but a very light hydrating balm. It is oil free so it absorbs into my skin quickly which I really love. The balm also contains a pretty strong but pleasant rose scent. Since I’m always a big fan of rose scented product, this is really a bonus to me. The fragrance itself already makes me happy while applying.

Pixi Rose Flash Balm - $24
Pixi Rose Flash Balm – $24

However, on the other side, besides using it as a regular moisturizer, I do not really see significant result in terms of using it as a makeup primer or a facial mask. I followed the instructions and applied a pretty thick layer as a mask, left on for 5 minutes, but then my skin did not really feel more hydrated like a regular mask does after. To use as a makeup primer, I did not see a difference comparing to putting the makeup on without a primer either. Overall, I do really enjoy this product, but more as a hydrating balm only. I think it still can be a very convenient little tube to be used while traveling so you can simplify your makeup bag, and just keep one product instead of three.

Rose Cream Cleanser

To be honest, my initial impression about this cleanser was bit more on the negative side, mainly because of the “rose” cleanser does not smell like rose at all. As a big rose lover I certainly got little disappointed. However, after I started using this product more and more, I feel it is actually a pretty amaizing cleanser especially using it in my morning routine. Pixi claims that it is a nourishing cream cleanser with mineral rich mud cleanses skin as it helps strengthen and soften skin. I really love the feeling that is is extremely gentle and very easy to rinse off. I think anyone who is looking for a gentle but purifying cleanser, should definitely check this out. It’s not only good for sensitive or dry skin, it works very well on my combination/oily skin as well.

Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser - $24.94
Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser – $24.94

—Susie Wang

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